The Twin Flame Self-Love Bootcamp is a 3-part online workshop to reboot your love life and become the woman you're meant to be.

It comes with 3 self-love bootcamps. 

In this amazing program you will learn how to... 

Grow to become the perfect match for “the list” of what you’re looking for in a partner

Turn abandonment into an abundance of love, so you never have to worry about being left again!

Assist in the awakening of humanity by embodying unconditional love


Turn abandonment into an abundance of love, so you never have to worry about being left for another woman again!

Alchemize your pain into pleasure, coming from self-love

Shift into alignment with your Higher Self

Self-Love + Twin Flame Energy Awakened. Realize Your Dreams!

Here's what you'll get...

To activate the three most powerful Twin Flame Self-Love hacks that guarantee a life of pleasure, love, abundance, and ORGASMS!

3 Twin Flame Self-Love Intensive Bootcamp Sessions with Dr. Amanda Noelle

PDF Workbook and Bootcamp Notes
BONUS: Pay in full and receive our 3-day live virtual experience with Amanda and her Twin Flame Jack called "Twin Flames Live" (a $3,333value!)
Bootcamp Program Options
Choose from two easy payment options: 
  • 3 Twin Flame Self-Love Bootcamp Intensive Sessions

  • PDF Workbook

  • Bootcamp Notes

  • BONUS: Twin Flames Live: A 3-day online experience (a $3,333 value!)

  • 1 Easy Payment of $777

  • 3 Twin Flame Self-Love Bootcamp Intensive Sessions

  • PDF Workbook

  • Bootcamp Notes

  • BONUS: Twin Flames Live: A 3-Day Online Experience (a $3,333 value!)

  • 12 Monthly Payments of $77

What People Are Saying...

“Amanda, I feel so grateful. It’s an amazing journey and I can’t believe what is actually transpiring. Pure magic!”

- Alison

"If you are ready to activate your life and attract the miracle of your lover and beloved once and for all, I highly recommend Amanda and Jack who have firsthand experience for themselves personally and also supporting others in this!"

- Larrisa

"Over the course of only two months, my dreams started coming true. Within a year, I married the man of my dreams! We own a business together and have two lovely children.”

- Giana

"Amanda has a woo woo way of helping you connect to your your inner self,
to understand who you are, what you want to become, and to love yourself!
Thank you Amanda for helping me connect.”

- Theresa Wright

The Results of Bootcamp...

"I have become a man magnet."
- Erin
"I had a ridiculously HOT make out, out of the blue, with a guy on Tuesday night.
 And the date with the Tech CEO last night was pretty great! He was kind of amazing!
Super strong! A freakin real CEO! He did have that bear-like energy!
And definitely was into me.  So feels like some real progress. And then... I have a date tonight, and another tomorrow too with 2 new guys! What a trip."
"You are so amazing Amanda ! thank you for being such a beautiful inspiration
and thank you for being you! You've been so helpful on my path to reunite with my beloved Twin Flame and we are happily married now ❤ I'm so grateful for your presence and everything you are doing ! may all the seekers be blessed by this amazing miracle!
Lots of Twin Flame Love 😉 ❤"
- Betsy

"I am honestly the happiest I have ever been. I painfully cleared away a very toxic relationship (false twin flame) by clearing out a abuse cycle that I have been living out since I was a little girls. I have had lots of very deep insights and cleared out a lot of old childhood beliefs and traumas. I found wonderful deep unconditional love. We are so in love!"


"The program was extremely powerful and moving. I began to see things differently and began to fall deeply in love-with myself!  I began to realize how amazing life could be if I just remembered to love myself more than anyone else in the world. And you helped me light that flame-of-love chick. Through that, I was able to attract the love of my life, Charlotte and we married in just a few months later! I never got a chance to truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. You assisted me in the belief of true love, and oh how it tastes so sweet! Today, we are going strong!  We live steps away from one of the most beautiful beaches in Sydney, Australia. I work for the company of my dreams and Charlotte is one year from obtaining her Masters in Teaching to teach primary school children. Overall, life is f*cking amazing! Each morning I rise, I turn to my left and see my gorgeous wife and 99% of the time, she looks at me with the grandest smile on her face. She is my WHY.
The reason to strive for my best each day."

- Karen

"Today, I am five years into a committed relationship. Thank you for all you do! I don’t think I would be where I am today if it hadn’t been for the fun and playfulness and magnetism that I exhibited at that point in my life. After my divorce I felt shame and had very little self-confidence, but coaching with you helped raise me out of that, and a big part of it was learning to have some fun and not take everything so darn seriously!" 

About Dr. Amanda Noelle
Twin Flame Alchemist & Founder of Aphrodite University
Dr. Amanda Noelle has helped thousands of clients and followers find and marry their Twin Flame. Amanda is also the Founder of Aphrodite University, the premier Divine Feminine “yoniversity” - a love-based mystery school for Twin Flame women. As a trained clairvoyant and life coach, she holds a degree in sexuality studies from Duke University, and a doctorate in transpersonal counseling from the University of Metaphysical Sciences. Dr. Amanda works with celebrities and her message has reached nearly 1.5 million views on her YouTube channel.